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All1Tool – Best ptc autoclicker bot

All1Tool is a Bot that view all ADS on most PTC Websites out there and also solve most of the Captchas without your help.

ALL1TOOL Pro RUN PTC SITE All1tool is a software helps run automatically pay the PTC site, you do not need to click on every site to see an ad that just Play All1tool, enter the captcha code and click software will automatically see the ads. All1tool used to support the PTC site very easy. Computer Requirement: Microsoft Visual C + + 2008 redistributable Download Net Framework 4.0 Dowload If it is a Windows XP SP3 or higher must, if it is not updated.

# What else can All1Tool do?
> Auto login to every PTC
> Click every AD on the Website
> Auto read of Admin Messages to prevent your Account from getting banned
> Overcome most Captchas
> Learn how to solve Captchas by the time
> Doesn’t click Anti-Cheat and Anti-Bot Advertisements to prevent your Account from getting banned

# How to use All1Tool?
Using All1Tool is really easy. Follow me…
> Create a new Account to every PTC from the list below.

After downloading All1Tool and creating Accounts in every PTC from the list open the folder and run All1Tool.exe

> To add the Accounts you created to All1Tool click “New”
> Add the website URL
> Click “Detect”
> Write your username
> Write your password
> Write your 2nd password (Optional)
> And Click “OK”

Do this steps with every PTC on the list. This is going to take some time but it is going to be worth it.
Now that you have added every PTC Account to your All1Tool comes the fun part.

> Click “All 100” and All1Tool is going to watch the ADS in every website you have added

Download PTC site list text file

1st install All1Tool crack file:

1. Sometimes you will need to disable your antivirus, because it may give you a false alert.

2. Download and open All1Tool:
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