I think most of you know All1Tool by now but even if you do you will still get something from this post because i will give you a list of all the PTC Websites i have found that can be automated using All1Tool and i will also try to keep updating this list. If you know more PTC PM and i will add it to the list. And if this is the first time that you hear about All1Tool than sit back, relax and find out how to make around 5$ – 10$ a day just by clicking a button.

# What is All1Tool?
All1Tool is a Bot that view all ADS on most PTC Websites out there and also solve most of the Captchas without your help.

# What else can All1Tool do?
> Auto login to every PTC
> Click every AD on the Website
> Auto read of Admin Messages to prevent your Account from getting banned
> Overcome most Captchas
> Learn how to solve Captchas by the time
> Doesn’t click Anti-Cheat and Anti-Bot Advertisements to prevent your Account from getting banned

How to download and install:
1st install ALL1TOOL cracked File:
2. Download and open ALL1TOOL :
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