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Globo Mail Verifier v2.0 Cracked

Check Email Addresses Extracted from the Web

When extracting data from the web, and specifically email addresses, there’s always the chance of capturing incorrect or no more existing emails . This may not be a problem for many, but in reality it is. In fact, having a mailing list that is not clean and contains several incorrect or non-existent addresses could create problems for the ” reputation ” of your IP or email address which is then used to send newsletters or email communications. Not to mention the problems that could arise when loading this “dirty” list on Email marketing services and seeing it rejected precisely because it contains too many “fake” addresses.

A listing of email addresses can be defined as “clean” if there is a percentage of incorrect or non-existent emails below 5%. This is the threshold that makes the difference for the quality of a mailing list. Having a percentage> 5% (also called ” bounce rate” ) means meeting the problems mentioned above and the risk of seeing all your messages delivered to SPAM.

How exactly to Check Email Addresses Extracted from the net
If you execute a search on the Internet you will discover a large number of ” email verifier ” software that can analyze a list of email addresses and to filter all those that are non-existent or incorrect. The problem is, however, that these programs have very low costs, even more than 50 euros. But today we have the solution to this too. A new software called Globo Email Verifier Cracked has been online for a few weeks and allows you to carry out an accurate verification of all your email addresses at a reasonable price of only € 19 + VAT. At this price you can download and install the program on your PC and carry out UNLIMITED checks … interesting no?

After the installation of Globo Email Verifier you can immediately click above on IMPORT and load the file with the e-mail addresses you wish to check. The scheduled program supports importing csv, txt and excel files.

Through the address import phase already, the scheduled program will check and remove any double email addresses . It will filter email addresses with incorrect syntax.

In addition to these two preliminary checks, by clicking above on VERIFY , Globo Email Verifier will do the following 3 checks to determine if an email is valid or invalid:

  • Verify existence of domain name
  • Verify temporary or fictitious email address
  • Verify email address via SMTP

After these three checks the program will say with certainty if an address is valid or invalid:

The verification speed is just about 1000 addresses every ten minutes as the program for every email establishes a connection and tries to comprehend if that email exists or not.

By the end of the verification it is possible to gain access to the FILTERS section to filter only valid emails and lastly from the EXPORT section export the file with only valid emails.

That’s all! Make the most now of the Globo Email Verifier offer at € 19 + VAT (rather than 49 + VAT).

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