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How to make money by commenting on youtube

You will definitely spam youtube comments with CPA offers.

Many people believe that youtube will ghost your comments, but there are ways to bypass this.

One way , is twitter, twitter links dont get ghosted on youtube, before it would never get ghosted, now, sometimes, they do. I dont know what factor cause a twitter link to get ghosted but 90% of the time it wont get ghosted.
One thing to never do is upvote your own comment, if you use a twitter link and upvote your own comment on the same account, then yes it will be ghosted. You can however log in from other accounts and upvote it.

Head to twitter,

Tweet out the CPA link you want to use to earn

Right Click the tweet, and click “Copy Link Adress”

You will get a link like this


Think of this as using a link shorterner,

this link will redirect to your CPA offer, and these links do not get ghosted on youtube comments

Now, why spam in youtube comments?

The plain thing about youtube is, most people, kids watch videos on the phone espicially, mobile traffic is ideal for OGads
I’d say about 8 or 9 / 10 individuals who watch a video visit the comment sections.
Therefore the comment section has been read by a couple of kids who are on their mobile phone which makes it a good place to advertise.

I will show you an example of this method in action.

(Edit: i wasnt expecting it to place the youtube video, I was trying to post the link with my comment highlighted, it should be in the top comments, if not click here https://t.co/k8QieLN6Sd)

Visit the comment portion of that video, you shall see a merchant account I made, linking towards my CPA offer.

Now, there are methods to increase CTR and convs %
1. Select a famous youtuber, and copy their name and picture to create it look like its that person commenting.
2. Upvote the comment so it is in the top comments, and will be seen by more ppeople, more impresssions = more conv
3. Write some fake replies “Wow it worked” ” Thank you”
4. if somone replies with “fake” to your comment, your conv will decrease, so watch for that

Thats it. There are plently of game hack niches out there, or you can also pose as a favorite yt and drop a cpa connect to something special card etc

Those who’ve money to purchase a bot, or spend money on gmail accounts, or upvotes shall have the upper give those that dont have money to get,

There are panels available on the market here on bhw that sells all you have to, there exists a panel that provides unlimted yt comment upvotes for 50 bucks per month etc.


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