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How To Make Money Online YouTube Without Recording Any Videos

It is actually possible to earn or make money online $100 to $300 a day without recording any video and uploading it to Youtube. There are so many ways of doing this and I will explain some of them here.

The first one is to use what is called “Creative Commons”. What this means is that there are some people who have uploaded their videos into Youtube but gives permission to a third party the freedom to use such videos. To do this, head over to Youtube, type in your desired keyword, when all the videos come up, click on the filter link, and here is what you will see:


Click on Creative Commons under “Features”, you shall see videos that are categorized as the group of Creative Commons, click on the videos, and scroll right down to the description where you will notice Creative Commons attribution licence (reuse allowed) as in the image below:


Youtube allows the reuse of videos with creative commons and even allows you to promote such videos using its Google Adsense.

A second method is the use of online video maker that has tons of templates, images, videos that you can choose and make it your own. There are some that enable you to add your voice to the videos even. There are other video makers too such as for example http://flixpress.com/, http://slide.ly/promo a lot more, simply research for more video creators through the various search engines and pick the one which that suits you most.

Another method is to create compilation videos, this implies you shall search for videos that are similar in nature and absolve to use. Download the compile and videos them into an unitary video and upload it to Youtube, Vimeo or even Instagram (IGTV). If the videos are funny or popular you get new subscribers and you could use Youtube Google ads to monetise such videos. To compile your videos you will require a video compilation software such as for example Open Broadcaster Software (OBS studio), Open Shot Video Editor plus much more.

The last method I’ll discuss here’s hiring a specialist video recording freelancer to accomplish the recording for you personally. You will find loads of the freelancers on http://fiverr.com/, http://upwork.com/, http://peopleperhour.com/, http://guru.com/, http://freelancer.com/ plus much more. You don’t need to record the videos yourself and you could still make money online from the videos in the event that you understand how to make your videos go viral on the internet.

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