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How to Make money with copyright video on youtube

Make Money On Youtube:

First of all, it is not a method that will enrich you. But you will get some beer money!

You’ll need one YouTube channel, or more.

You can post videos with Television shows, but before you need to test to see how many competitors you have. You will only post a part of the TV show and in the description you will write something like: for the full show access the link in the description. Of course you will get copyright on the video and you will not be able to monetize it on youtube but you will get new views and subscribers!

For the link in description I use Linkzfly (url shorthen) They pay quite well.

Where do you direct those who click? Simple to the full show. You either upload it on openload, vidoza … Or simply to a YouTube channel or sitw rthat post the full show!

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