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How to make money with pinterest ($5000 per month)


Today, I’ve a great post from Leah about how to make money with Pinterest. She has a great side hustle and is going to share it with you all.

1. Create an Affiliate site

Most of you are most likely not likely to get passed this task. Take the time, learn to use WordPress and setup an affiliate site.

Now you want the site to be in a Pinterest compatible niche like babies, clothing, jewelry, etc. Just scroll through Pinterest you will find hundreds of ideas.

The example I’m going to use for this post is babies.

So I create a site about babies with 3-5 articles that all have affiliate links in them. Now you want the articles very generic like, “3 steps to raising an independent adult”, “Best baby toys” Then at the end put the affiliate connect to a course for Clickbank or Amazon Affiliate.

2. Create 10-100 Pinterest Accounts

From 10-100 accounts based on just how much time you need to spend money on this.

If you cannot do that step, hit the X in the very best right corner of your screen,

3. Purchase follow liker Pinterest edition.

Now, what you are going to do is create a pyramid of your Pinterest accounts



The top guy in green in your main Pinterest account. The 4 accounts under that do nothing put repin what you post on the green account, then the accounts on level 3 repost the pins of the accounts on level 2 which are really just repinned of the posts on level 1

I am hoping this is practical but by the ultimate end of your day, everything you post on account 1 gets repinned 9-99 times.

You create the accounts on a follow bot now. Start slow setting for the first month scale up to following like 300-500/day on each account then.

4. Content

For posting content, I simply take pictures from Google or steal photos from other Pinterest pages by dragging the photos to my desktop and reposting them.

So for my example, I’ll find the most famous parenting page and download almost all their photos.

Add a connect to your affiliate site on every picture. Usually do not repin other peoples pictures post your own so that you can add your own link.

5. Keep making improvements.

Soon you’ll be able to see which kinds of pictures have the most click and keep posting those kinds.

Which pages have the most affiliate sales so write more pages like that.

Which affiliate products have the best conversion rate.


You kind of need to know what you’re doing for this method. You can be new but not a complete internet affiliate marketing newbie fairly.

6. Make money $$$

Before you know it, you’ll have all 10-100 accounts with like 100k-500k monthly views and 200-1000 clicks per day to your affiliate site. Depending on your conversion rates, of course, you will make money from $200-$8,000/month with that lots of clicks each day.

Keep improving your articles and adding more Pinterest accounts watching your pyramid grow right into a good income.

Remember this will need 3-12 months because of this to work based on how long it requires to perform it right.


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