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Make money online with adult images

this method I will share today includes simple uploading adult images and
sharing them wherever you can. It sounds stupid easy but it?s definitely effective. If you are
open minded you can make money online and ready to learn new stuff, you will reach $10/day in no time.


Because of this method to make money online, you will need couple of adult images. They are the methods for getting them:

1. download huge galleries of adult images
2. scrape them from Tumblr – use free software Tumblr Scraper or Tumblr Ripper
3. search just normal adult forums for zipped packs of photos, they?ll sure to be there? use your own twist to find best images, these are just few basic tips

Now what you need to do is sign up to http://picmoza.com – the site where you will upload all the
images. They pay up to $14.00 per 1,000 views depending on country, but they for all
countries. You can withdraw your earnings when you make $5 to your Paypal and you get paid everyday.

After sign up, you can start uploading images (you can upload 10 at once). The key to
make money is sharing them wherever you can to get so needed views. I will present few
tips where to share images:

1) Adult galleries
Share whole albums of images to online adult galleries like Gallery-dump.com or

2) Adult forums
You almost certainly know many of these adult forums where you can share adult packs/galleries.
Just search google and I?m sure you?ll find lots of them. You can also post thumbnails of
videos instead of just images and make even more money with some PPD site.

3) Create Tumblr blog
Post same images that you uploaded to http://picmoza.com and set click-through link to IMG
Babes picture. Don?t forget to type into description that image is also available in bigger
resolution upon click.

4) Use other social media networks
I haven?t tried it yet, but I am sure there are numerous more social networks that can be used
to make money with this method, e.g. StumbleUpon or Reddit. You can test to use also
some adult pinboards. (Most social media sites are blocked adult sites )

5) Create your own website
Yes, some cash is cost because of it, but it may be the best approach probably. Register a domain, get
a hosting and begin your own way. I would suggest you to use WordPress. Share
videos, galleries and don mainly?t forget to market your site. That you can do via easily
social media. If you provide quality content, you?find your attendance ll. Having your own
website also enables you to insert ads into your site and therefore you?ll make more even

6) Add your own twist – You may make a killing if you feel from the box.
That?s all from me. I am hoping this technique will be ideal for everyone who’s struggling to
make money. Sorry for my bad english, I am not native speaker.

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